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Four people are listed at my address which do not live there, have never lived there, or will never live there. White Pages apparently does not verify their information.

One of the people listed at my address is a registered sex offender, the other three along with the sex offender belong to a lady who was a friend of mine. I have been the owner/occupant of my home for 20 plus years. Now I'm being harassed by incorrect mail deliveries, Fed Ex attempting to deliver items to my address for these people.

White Pages needs to verify their listings as this borders identity theft> I can't seem to get in touch with white pages to speak with anyone. I'm contemplating legal action.

Reason of review: Publishing incorrect info on internet.

Preferred solution: Correct their information before I have to take legal action.

I didn't like: Incorrect website.

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Same exact thing ha happened to me. A person whom I’ve never heard of is listed at our address.

We have owned our home since it was newly built in 1985.

This person has never been to my house, let alone lived there. Would like to know how his name is asdociated with my home address.


They have wrong information with my phone number and whoever's name is attached to it


White Pages inaccurately put a person in our home who may have the same last name, but definitely does not live in our home and never has. I'm not even sure where they receive their information.


White pages is a bunch of bull.They put whatever they want and no one holds them accountable... try getting anything removed.Good luck


White pages does not list any of my blood relatives but people I don't even know who share the last name as my late husband


My info is Wrong on white pages.. DO NOT WASTE MONEY on White Pages..com


Whitepages get info wrong . My information says I have a criminal record .

Which I do not have any criminal record

And also I’m a teacher and they check with background checks. So whitepage has all wrong , including my nickname which is wrong


I agree with the poster, I have noticed that White Pages lists incorrect information under my address. My info is private yet somehow, it gets listed as fact, when it is posted without verification by me.

This website violates your privacy and should be shut down by the FCC and FTC. Fraud.


who the *** are these people? No numbers to contact yet they can put any old name on your phone number.

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